Author Topic: why do the original dingoo team claim that the A330 is a "knock off"?  (Read 29205 times)

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i posted about the dingoo a330 in the product request forum on dx. fernando (product sourcer and DX staff member) replied to say he called the dingoo team who denied that the a330 had anything to do with them and that the handheld was a knock off.

is this something to do with the split between dingoo digital and dingoo tech? have they fallen out or something? it all seems very childish.


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well who do dx get their dingoos from? thought they were getting them from the guy that split away, which would explain why they got that info, but who knows, i say we make yet another forum thread of wild speculation to clutter this place up and piss people off even more  ;D


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DX will no longer carry Dingoo-Tech products due to customer support and other issues so they won't be carrying the A330 direct from Dingoo Tech.

If they do decided to carry it I would guess they will be buying it from a wholesale warehouse as Dingoo Tech won't sell direct to them. So if they continue to sale A320 I would assume they will be buying them from the resurfaced Shenzen Dingoo-Digital that has been gone for 9 months only to resurface back in March 2010. When they started to try to spread the rumor the HK was a fake or did not exist etc etc.

Pretty much all this is another rehash with a different title is Dingoo-Tech the real Dingoo I have chimed in OMGMOD has chimed in and other forums and resellers have chimed in and all agree Dingoo-Tech is the real mccoy.

Also the actual Dingoo-Team work at Dingoo-Tech as they left Shenzen Dingoo Digital to form Dingoo-Tech... Only person from original team I know of for sure is Jim Zheng the rest are new employees and maybe a couple non-essential personnel from original team.
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Gemei Tech Website have a Link to Dingoo Tech.
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GemeiTech is not affiliated with Dingoo-Tech I brought up the matter to Dingoo-Tech and they weren't happy their logo was even on the website in the least.

So to clarify GemeiTech and Dingoo Tech don't work hand in hand nor do they have a partnership of any sort and anything mentioned that they are is point blank a lie and speculation. Not calling anyone here a liar to clairfy what I'm stating I'm saying if GemeiTech came forward and claimed it, it is a lie.

At one point Dingoo-Tech was affilated with them and they assisted with the design of the A320 but when the split happen in September 2009 with most of the people leaving Shenzen Dingoo Digital to form Dingoo-Tech that affliation died with the split.

The A330 is soley designed and manufactured and supported by Dingoo-Tech only and will remain that way...
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I think that the companies split was actually a good thing, imagine wed have gotten the nice looking, but totally undocumented gemei a330 (HD7200) as the next Dingoo. Try to find something about its cpu, the chinachip cc1600...  Good luck ;D
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Be a official or not(they weren't the first one to produce dingoos, sooooo.....), dingoo tech has not a big quality assurance as the original dingoo shenzhen has.

The various and various HK problems, cheap batterys and other hardware problems, using other company name, ect.
In other words, dingoo-tech is the type of chinese company who give the bad reputation to the chinese companys.


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DDragoons do you live in China have you visited China do you really know what went down. Do you know for sure Shenzen Dingoo Digital didn't release the HK models also and it was theirs that were bad as the pics they show of the really small battery etc.

I've never ever seen one before Shenzen Dingoo Digital posted the pics and called them fake and tried to bad mouth Dingoo-Tech nine months after the fact.  To be honest in my whole time as a reseller I have only sold 6 of them that I know of by accident which in turn I do QA on everyone before I ship them now and replaced the ones with HK in serial that I know of.

You have no real idea why the company split and why the majority of employees moved to Dingoo-Tech I have alot more information then you on the matter as for one I have visited China and seen it when it was Shenzen Dingoo Digital and now Dingoo Tech.

Trust me when I say this to compare Shenzen Dingoo Digital as better then Dingoo-Tech is apples and oranges there both fruit they both taste good they just come from a different tree.

You can choose to believe what you want and how you want but until you have the full unabridge story don't judge least you be judged yourself. You have no idea why they split up and will never know why it happened just know it happened and deal with that fact.

Your pretty judgemental and Opinionated about alot of things on this forum and seem to think your a subject matter expert on almost every topic you post on and act as if your better then most people here.

Word of advice before you make statements make sure you can back the statements you are making about the A330 or Shenzen Dingoo Digital or Dingoo-Tech. Because if you can't back the information all your doing is wasting space on this forum as you like to repeat your self ten times on each subject or thread your in.

Let it go breath in breath out breath in breath out take a chill pill and just be happy your alive damn dude no reason to be so serious all the time and so judgemental.


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Your pretty judgemental and Opinionated about alot of things on this forum and seem to think your a subject matter expert on almost every topic you post on and act as if your better then most people here.

^^ that right there ^^

Your pretty judgemental and Opinionated about alot of things on this forum and seem to think your a subject matter expert on almost every topic you post on and act as if your better then most people here.

It's funny, because he (ddragoonss) accused me of acting that way for little reason, and here he is making a lifestyle out of it. All the time with this guy. Pretentious and obnoxious.

But we all act that way, sometimes. :)
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If we could get back on topic that would be good.

gibberish (OP)

so, you'll notice that the a330 has different logo (it's not the paw).
literally speaking, the dingoo a330 is not a sanctioned dingoo product because it is not made by dingoo digital team, it is made by former members who left and took important schematics and hardware details with them and formed a "rival" company known as dingoo tech.

so literally speaking the a330 is a fake, but it is 100% compatible because they had inside info on the hardware in the a320. what a fucking mess!

on a side note, the photos of the back of the a330 casing look very poor. the plastic is shiny and cheap looking, a lot worse quality than the matte plastic of the a320. of course that's just from some photos i've seen.


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Actually the team that developed the A320 are within Dingoo-Tech now so ya can't really call it fake as the people who came up with the design and the software work for Dingoo-Tech.

As I said I can't and won't devulge the whole story. But to put it in a nut shell Shenzen Dingoo Digital retains the rights to it's name Shenzen Dingoo Digital and the website it host plus what ever ownership it had to use the source code and hardware.

All it boils down too is they both have the same tech but one company that being Dingoo-Tech has the know how to produce another model in a timely manner with new features as there team designed and made the A320.
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gibberish (OP)

is that why it uses the same processor, because dingoo tech dont have the source code for the firmware?
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is that why it uses the same processor

there's no proof of that, so don't speculate


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