Author Topic: Officially the "HK" Dingoo does not exist.  (Read 11217 times)


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Re: Officially the "HK" Dingoo does not exist.
« Reply #20 on: May 09, 2010, 06:11:32 am »
After all, who makes the dingoes HK? The Dingoo Digital or Dingoo Technology?

At the time of emergence of Dingo HK, most information converged on the fact that these models were produced for the Chinese market. And only.

And if the Dingo Digital who produced the models, for which reason the current owner would say that the HK models are fake? He would no longer make money ...

I'm really confused. ???

P.S.1: A tip to dingoo-digital-usa : try to write English in a more educated as possible without slang, so that we, poor Latinos, we can better understand  ;)
P.S.2: Sorry for my poor english.  :-\