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hmmm hmmm hmmm let me clear my throat and clarify
« on: September 01, 2010, 08:09:46 pm »
After all the drama resurfacing once again and again and again and again....

Let me clarify my stance..

Do I know for 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt which team designed or maintains the actual source code for the native os or design of the Dingoo?

Not now or ever have I known 100% nor does anyone else for that matter.

Facts I do know for sure:

  • August to September 2009 there was a split and the couple of people I have worked with since day one left and started up Dingoo Tech they state they have the source code etc.
  • They kinda proved it too me and others in November 2009 when they released a firmware that fixed the Y & B button issue.
  • If it was a hack it was one hell of a hack to fix that and add extra languages to the firmware.

Do I know who is the real inventors

  • No and I probably never will.
  • The drama was more about Draagon and his nasty statements and belittling then is was actually about the darn console anyways.
  • I sell the Shenzhen Dingoo Digital A320 and the Dingoo-Tech A-330 those are the plain and simple facts.
  • I have not picked sides on the issue I just want to provide the best product and support I can.

You may ask why I now carry the Shenzhen Dingoo Digital A320 versus the Dingoo-Tech A320.

It's not a build or function issue but a money issue I can save $5.00 per purchase of an A320 from Shenzhen Dingoo Digital then I can from Dingoo-Tech which means I actually make a profit from the units.

Although I have noticed one difference in the two units there is no Neo-Geo Pixelation in the Shenzhen Dingoo Digital model versus the Dingoo-Tech model.

At one point was I seriously defending Dingoo-Tech?

You're darn right I was not because it was a vested interest but because I consider several people at Dingoo-Tech friends and they provided just as much proof if not more then Shenzhen Dingoo Digital was.

Also Shenzhen Dingoo Digital never spoke up on there own defense until 7 months after the split and when they did all they did was bash and rant but not much else or proof at first.

Do I know or does anyone know who the real inventor is or designer of the OS?

My money is on Gemei/China Chip and then sourced out to Dingoo-Digital along with a couple engineers and when the split happen everyone just picked sides and went with Dingoo-Digital or Dingoo-Tech but all speculation.

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Re: hmmm hmmm hmmm let me clear my throat and clarify
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010, 12:39:33 am »
I understand you are one of, if not the most respected reseller of DD and DT devices, and as a reseller you are in contact with the manufactures as well as the sales people for their respected company's.  Now my question is, during the whole Neo-Geo pixelation debacle (February 2010 to current), were you in contact with anyone from Dingoo-Tech about this issue, and if so, has a representative of Dingoo-Tech supplied any information or insight about this problem? If this has been asked and the answer is already floating around somewhere, I apologize, I just thought this would be a good place to have a statement pertaining to this issue.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes for your business.


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Re: hmmm hmmm hmmm let me clear my throat and clarify
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2010, 03:52:35 am »
The question was asked and I never got a reply I think it is a head scratcher for them and no answer has ever been given...

I think it's something in the processor that is different but without source code no way to ever know and they won't release the source code so no fix :(


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