Author Topic: Move JXD, GPD and Android Devices to new dedicated Android forum on Dingoonity  (Read 3038 times)

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I think it's obvious that two most active (and, in fact, two only active) forums on Dingoonity currently are GCW Zero and Other Portable Consoles. Latter - thanks to numerous Android devices, incessant boom of mobile gaming and maturing of Android emuscene.

But while GCW Zero has whole dedicated section, consists of Emulation, Releases, Help etc., Android devices are still enclosed by three subforums: JXD Devices, GPD Devices and (Other) Android Devices.

I propose new forum called Android (similar to Dingux), where could be following subforums:

Android Games (device-unspecified section)
Android Emulators (device-unspecified section)
Android Software (device-unspecified section)
GPD Devices
JXD Devices
MUCH Devices
Tegra-based Devices (special section for Shield 1/2, Wikipad, FUN Box, Tron, Xiaomi MiPad, ASUS Game Box, OUYA and MOJO)
TV consoles & Game Controllers (except for Tegra-based, listed above)

I know that some of sections can be unfilled by various reasons, but it would help to organise better communications here, on Dingoonity and maybe will help Dingoonity to attract more new members and obtain some more activity. As far as I know, there is no dedicated _and_ international Android gaming hardware forums anywhere (if you know one, please tell me, I'm curious :D), so maybe Dingoonity can be the first...

Another suggestion: if that's possible by forum's engine, can administration add "current device" in members profiles (in Summary)?
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Makes sense!
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I support Drem's proposal.
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Sounds good to me  8)

I'm not going to further divide the android boards, but I've grouped "General", GPD and JXD boards under one group:
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