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Known Dingoonity Bugs
« on: October 16, 2009, 09:36:48 pm »
Alright then, with a new board setup and theme comes a whole new list of bugs. Hopefully there won't be too many problems this time :D

1 - Issues

1.1 - Site-wide
  • 'Pretty URLs' are broken -- for now I've disabled the plugin, but that means that old references to the urls will be broken until I sort this out. -- fixed!
  • links in posts aren't distint enough - zear -- fixed!
  • breadcrumbs near page footer are too close to the left edge of the board.. like 5px or so, not a big problem

1.2 - Board/topic index
  • read/unread/hot/sticky/locked icons aren't very nice, don't match the rest of the awesome board icons -- Just poll icons remain to be made, god I hate making these icons.

1.3 - Topics/replies

none yet!

1.4 - Profile
  • header section not visible when viewing a profile, including own -- fixed!
  • logout/profile links become 'register' as if viewing as a guest -- which should be impossible anyway -- fixed!

1.5 - Header
  • Moderators can't see the moderation panel icon on the header -- fixed!

1.6 - News page
  • Add pagination to the news page finally?

1.7 - Login

1.8 - Messages
  • Messages centre is a bit ugly. I need to make new icons around there..
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