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Title: What are your feelings on the JXD A1000?
Post by: Excess-0 on March 01, 2012, 03:56:02 pm
I recently purchased a relatively cheap JXD A1000 from Deal Extreme for the purpose of playing some old favourites from my early childhood. Specifically games from the Genesis, Super Nintendo, and various GameBoy models.
I should receive it within the month. Given that this will be my first emulator experience(and it only cost me $36 shipped), I don't at all expect it to be compatible with everything, and I'm kind of looking forward to "fiddling" with it. I'm a fan of things that take a bit of screwing around and customizing before they work. Though I'll admit I'm a tiny bit concerned about aspect ratio with that wide screen the device has.

Does anyone around here own one of these, and can anyone offer their opinion on the device?

http://jxd.hk/products.asp?id=554&selectclassid=009002001 (http://jxd.hk/products.asp?id=554&selectclassid=009002001)  <--- For anyone interested in the 'official' page for the device.