Author Topic: What are your feelings on the JXD A1000?  (Read 3056 times)


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What are your feelings on the JXD A1000?
« on: March 01, 2012, 03:56:02 pm »
I recently purchased a relatively cheap JXD A1000 from Deal Extreme for the purpose of playing some old favourites from my early childhood. Specifically games from the Genesis, Super Nintendo, and various GameBoy models.
I should receive it within the month. Given that this will be my first emulator experience(and it only cost me $36 shipped), I don't at all expect it to be compatible with everything, and I'm kind of looking forward to "fiddling" with it. I'm a fan of things that take a bit of screwing around and customizing before they work. Though I'll admit I'm a tiny bit concerned about aspect ratio with that wide screen the device has.

Does anyone around here own one of these, and can anyone offer their opinion on the device?  <--- For anyone interested in the 'official' page for the device.
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