Author Topic: letcool video and music quality??  (Read 3175 times)


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letcool video and music quality??
« on: October 10, 2010, 03:12:37 am »
I have been looking for reviews on the picture quality and sound quality on the letcool. I am thinking of getting one and want to know how good the movie quality is. Also I want to know how good the quality is when you hook it up to a tv. Is the picture good on a tv? and just a good overview of all the sound quality. Thanks and hopefully I will have one soon.

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Re: letcool video and music quality??
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2010, 09:30:49 pm »
The speakers aren't great but that seems to be par for the course.  With headphones, it's pretty decent.   The mp3 player has several EQ presets, but no manual one that I have noticed so far.

I need more TV testing, but that's what I seem to use it for the most often.   The games look good, better than on the screen, I think.   I've had a problem with one encode, having the a/v synch fall apart, but that seems to be related to an individual encode, not a blanket problem.  (And I didn't do the encodes so I have no idea what the encoder did.  It could be a corrupted file for all I know, though it plays fine on my computer.)

I've been having problems with the SD card, but I seem to be the only one so I'm still open to the possibility that it's the card itself.  I have yet to get another card to test with.  (And I have nothing else that uses micro SD.)

As for two player... it works.  I even figured out how to load different games with the controllers plugged in, which up until now was thought to be a bug, but it actually just moved to an undocumented button combo.

Mine likes to freeze up on me, though.   I haven't seen anyone else have this problem so maybe mine is just defective.  So far the SD card acting up has done it, and also plugging it into a wall charger with the game turned on usually freezes the machine.

And by freezing I mean I need to take the battery out to turn it off.

So... it's not perfect, but having a small, portable handheld/media player which doubles as a digital VCR (minus recording) and Game Console all in one... it's pretty neat.   The combination of the 2-player option and the TV option is what sold it for me, even though there's more powerful handhelds available.

Looking forward to some more firmware upgrades...  I haven't tried GBA games in it yet but I know the button mapping is still messed up for them.


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Re: letcool video and music quality??
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2011, 01:01:55 am »
to bring up that power thingy where u can change/save etc. Games whilst on 2 player hold down start and select at the same time


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Re: letcool video and music quality??
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2011, 09:55:38 pm »
My experience is that it runs videos much better than the dingoo, my dingoo always skips on most videos and they are nearly impossible to watch. The letcool plays the same videos great with no skipping or other problems.