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letcool Firmware questions/discussion
« on: March 09, 2011, 10:58:39 pm »
I ordered my letcool today and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I started browsing through the net to look for more information about the little system and found this forum.

My profession entails programming embedded ARM systems in C and C++, but I am a total beginner when it comes to reverse engineering firmware files and understanding/modifying them. I do not even know what can be done and what is impossible.

I downloaded the official 2.0 firmware and edited the files for a lookaround. I read that Mr. Blottr has started editing these files and made significant changes to them. I am curious to what parts of the files that can be understood and modified?

For starters. there are two .ini-files which has alot of parameter settings in them.
Config.ini seems to be some sort of hardware configuration like what DRAM is used and alot of bus frequency settings?
isp.ini seems to say where the redboot bootstrapper image and the actual firmware image is, but it also points out folders in D:\. Do those folders point to resources already installed in the letcool, or will the firmware upgrade create a new filesystem in the letcool?

The 1.img - file seems to be mostly some kind of binary data, but also a large chunk of xml-data at the end which defines all sorts of readable parameters.

I guess that all the meaty things, like the hw drivers, file system, emulators and so on is hidden in that file? Is there any way to understand / decompile the file so that you could make changes to the binary parts of it, or are you limited to editing the xml-part and stuff like bmp-data?

Sorry for all the basic questions  :)


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