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Handheld for kid needed
« on: February 15, 2012, 06:47:10 pm »
I'm looking to buy a handheld unit for my 4 year old that I can load with emulators for atari, NES, and genesis.  What is the best device for playing games in these emulators?  Most compatible device with these emulators?  Was looking at Dingoo, Letcool, and Caanoo.  Any others?  Thanks


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Re: Handheld for kid needed
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2012, 07:40:24 pm »
probably dingoo, emulates everything you want him/her to be able to play and is small enough to fit in a kids hands.
but be sure to set it all up, so he/she only has to turn it on, choose a game and play :P

lectool might be nice if the kid wants to play with friends, but the form factor is not the greatest plus its closed source ->not as good and as many emulators (no atari, unless you use gba emulation. same for master system)

im not experienced with the canoo, but i guess it might be too bulky for a kid. thats also the reason why i wouldnt recommend an android handheld like the jxd s601 or yinlips g18 (save the jxd s7100 lol)
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Re: Handheld for kid needed
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2012, 07:42:40 pm »
Not a big fan of emulation, so I will skip that part of the question and instead talk about the hardware/build quality pros/cons:

+ a better quality build, looks durable enough to survive a fall on the floor
+ touchscreen
+ usb port for plugging external devices (like a gamepad)
+ handstrap
- price, at least twice as expensive as a dingoo
- analog stick (instead of a D-PAD), the analog is also "clickable" and can be used as a button if pressed at the center. This solution might lead to analog damage if abused by a 4 year old (I have experience with analogs in gamepads breaking from overusing the clickable part)
- no TV-out cable included, requires buying it as a separate accessory
- EXT port used for charging/tv-out instead of a standard miniUSB approach (lose the cable and you can't charge your Caanoo anymore)
- EXT connector part of the charging cable has those "latch" things that keep it in. They need some strength to put them in and they look like they could be damaged if the cable was pulled out by force
- heavy weight, might be too much for a 4 year old

+ cheap
+ lightweight
+ TV out cable that comes with the device
- made of a quite fragile plastic
- easy to break the LCD by dropping it on the ground or sitting on it (buying a rubber protective case is advised)
- shoulder buttons (L/R) are fragile and break for some people
- no handstrap

Both devices will require a grownup guidance with installing games/emulators, although in both cases it's fairly easy. Flashing the alternative firmware (Dingux/OpenDingux) for the Dingoo is recommended.

As for the Letcool, I never had one, so I can't say anything.
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Re: Handheld for kid needed
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2012, 08:30:05 pm »
Might I also suggest you look at the JXD S601. It's cheap, has great emulator performance,
plus would allow for many Android based games aimed at at a younger audience. Games like Monkey Blast, Smurfs Village and many, many more.


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