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Title: PROBLEM with RETRO MINI RS90 (Update to Opendingux and does not read the SD)
Post by: Kiu Pendragon on October 04, 2020, 12:48:39 pm

I have put Opendingux, the computer recognizes the console, I have put the emulators for the RS90 in its APPS folder and so far, it recognizes the emulators, but the problem comes with the microSD, I put the roms in their corresponding folders (GB, GBA, SNES, etc) and when I put it in the RS90 and enter the GBA emulator to play Castlevania Circle of the Moon, I did not get the game or the rest either or anything. I get this specifically: a folder called "data", I enter and there are other folders that do not lead me anywhere, I am quite a noob on the subject, it is the first console of this style that I venture to flash, and now I find myself frustrated in front of to what I think is going to be a brick that I will not be able to use :(
A little help !!!