Author Topic: Jutleys, GameBlaBla and drownsnug95 OPK, which ones are the most Up To Date?  (Read 3182 times)

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Hello :)

I?m totally new to the RS90 scene, and here I?m trying to find the most recent OPS for this little system.
Currently I?ve found mostly 2 sources, @gameblabla  and @Jutleys  both have most likely the same emulators, the size are different on both, after using Beyond Compare, there are 4 emulators that are different among their repositories.

fceux_rs90.opk  (Gameblabla File Size:856,064 - Jutleys File Size:995,328)
handy_rs90.opk  (Gameblabla File Size: 532,480 - Jutleys File Size: 671.744)
smsplus_rs90.opk  (Gameblabla File Size:565,248 - Jutleys File Size: 495,616)
temper_rs90.opk  (Gameblabla File Size:831,488 - Jutleys File Size: 806,912)

On the other side, there are the ones @drowsnug made, which i found on a Chinese website, stating they all were updated on February.

Which of those emulators are the newest / up to date?
Allof the apps, have different dates and sizes on them.

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[mention]drowsnug [/mention] definitely. He has Fceugx and Snes9x running fullspeed on rs90 in my case.

[mention]pcercuei [/mention]for regba

[mention]gameblabla [/mention]for the other ones.

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