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Author Topic: Hello, I recently got a RS-92 Plus and have some queries, thanks for any help  (Read 1191 times)

Mungri (OP)

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1) In the FBA SDL emulator, Space Harrier has a problem with the D pad - both left and right cause the character to move right. While this issue isnt present in FBA A320, that emulator runs the game too slow and is unplayable due to low FPS.

Is there a way to get the game to run properly in FBA SDL, or is there a newer version of this emulator that might fix this issue and still run well that I can try instead?

2) How do I install extra emulators? I have already spent some time trying to install both a custom firmware which neither worked and bricked a new SD card, and then the latest official firmware which worked and I was able to restore the SD card with an SD card formatting program - I upgraded the device with dual 32 Gb SD cards (Kingston canvas 100mb/s ones which were just ?3.50 each). I tried emailing Droix already and they had simply advised me and linked to the firmware that is currently working and suggested that it might have an atari and extra emulators, but it was fully blank and I simply copied the contents of the original SD card onto a new one.

Specifically I would like to add an emulator plus roms for Atari 2600 and 7800 games, as well as some extra missing games, but I see how to do this by adding extra roms into the roms folder (S3&K, Toe Jam and Earl 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2 and the arcade version of Outrun are all on my initial list to add). Ideally I would want to also add an Atari emulator without needing to reinstall the firmware again, it seems it should be possible to do by finding a compatible emulator and setting up a folder for it like with all the ones that are already on there.

Thanks for any advice.

P.S I managed to get an RS-97 Plus V2 for just ?25. I paid ?35 for what was advertised on Amazon as the nicer looking opaque white version, but the one I got was transparent white so Amazon gave me a partial refund of ?10 as gift card credit. I've already seen that people custom paint such devices and I might consider doing this eventually as it looks like the front and back cover are very easy to remove.


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