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Title: Memorable holiday gaming experiences?
Post by: Jayson on November 15, 2015, 04:03:21 pm
The title of the thread is pretty self explanatory, but I just wanted to know what everyone's favorite holiday gaming memories or traditions are.

As far as traditions go, I seem to always end up in an urge to restart Ocarina of Time or A Link To The Past at this time of year. I still associate this time period with a friend of mine getting Ocarina of Time before Christmas when I was in like...5th grade or something and walking a few miles to his house after school just to watch him play it, lol.

For memories, I just memories from having family come to visit when I was younger and video games being the one thing that always seemed to get all of the kids to come together. I also remember trying to pick out certain games from rental stores that would keep me entertained for the longest amount of time.