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Author Topic: Whats your Console/Gaming History?  (Read 24343 times)

bigdavebear (OP)

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Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« on: April 07, 2011, 03:17:22 pm »
Mine started with...

Audio Sonic PP940 Pong, Intellivision, then Atari 2600, then ZX Spectrum 48K+

Then i had a ZX Spectrum 128K+, followed by a Sega Master System and NES

Then i went on to have a Sega Mega Drive and NEC PCE (import)

Then i had Game Gear Hand Held

From there it was a Amiga 500 and SNES

I did not go for the Sega 32X/Jaguar or Sega CD, so my 32 bit era came with a Panasonic 3D0 followed by Playstation X

Then i went on to N64, then Dreamcast, Then GBA followed by PS2 and Xbox.

Finally a PS3 (was going to get for years a Xbox 360 but never bothered as i dont use PS3 enough or others enough) I mainly play Doom and old games and Emus on my PC 8)

So whats you guys first dabble into games market and History, whats your favorite been.

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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2011, 03:36:36 pm »
Famicom -> GBC -> GBA -> GP2X -> Dingoo -> Gizmondo -> NDS -> Dreamcast -> Caanoo.
That's the chronological order of my consoles, although Gizmondo and NDS were both put into a drawer soon after purchase as they suck and have no games. Blue arrow separates ancient history from modern times ;)


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2011, 04:12:09 pm »
Because im not a HC console gamer , i'll start from my beloved computers:

Pong [Russian Version] > ELECTRONIKA Game & Watch [Russian Clone] > Atari 65XE > CommodoreC64 > Amiga CDTV [Still have one] > GameBoy Pocket  > PsOne > GP2X MK2 > JXD301 >  Dingoo A330 > OpenPandora [Still waiting..] .. hmm..


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2011, 05:42:11 pm »
Chronological order of consoles I own/have owned.
NES, GBC, GBA, Wii, Gemei A330, DS. I still have them all except the GBC which I sold.
I also have a MD, N64, Xbox, 360, PSP and PS3 at my place (owned by my brother).

I also play a lot of emulated games. Some of my favourite games are Ocarina of Time, Golden Sun 1 and 2 (have not tried the one on DS), Battletoads (NES) and Zero Wing (purely for the "All your base" intro).
There are more, but the list is long and I am lazy.
"The problem with internet quotes and statistics is that often times, they're wrongfully believed to be real."
- Abraham Lincoln


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2011, 10:18:29 pm »
Vic20, Master System, Gameboy, Amiga 1200, Dreamcast, GBA, GBASP, Gamecube, DS, DSLite, Xbox360, Wii, Playstation, PSOne, Dingoo, GB Pocket, PSP.

In that order! I know the PSX looks out of place but i got them both cheap and have set my back room up as an entertainment room so i still play them. Nothing like playing the original silent hill on a PSOne!

I still have my old brick Gameboy. Sometimes playing GB games on the SP  or Pocket isn't enough and i crave the greeny-yellow of the original, brings back some memories!
I wish i still had the Master System, i clocked up an unbelievable amount of gaming hours on that console. I still rmember getting up at 6am before school to complete Rastan (my fave all time game) a few times. I still play that on my phone and Dingoo.
GPD Win, GPD XD 64gb, PlayGo, RS-90, 3DS XL, DSi XL, GBA SP, GBBC Clone, Gameboy Pocket c/w screen mod, PSP Go
Medion Erazer, Toshiba Z20t, Dell Mini 9, Psion 5MX
Tons of other old laptops and tablets.....

Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2011, 10:41:20 pm »
I think the order would be:

Atari 2600, NES, Game Boy, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS, GBC, Dreamcast, PS2, GBA, Gamecube, DS Lite.

All that's left out of those is my DS Lite, which I might sell soon.

Now I just have my low/mid level PC and my Dingoos. Going to get a netbook soon enough.
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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #6 on: April 08, 2011, 01:05:31 am »
I was always a PC guy, so instead of gaming consoles I have a collection of rusting old PC computers. Those things are mostly motherboards since I reused the case and RAM if possible. Lets see, there is:
- 286SX (not sure about the CPU speed, I still have its 30-pin SIMM RAM)
- 386DX (or maybe it was 386SX)
- 486DX (or DX2) @ 100MHz and another @ 120MHz
- One or two P1 @ 100MHz
- another P1 @ 200MHz (haven't been using it a lot, but I actually got it after the P2)
- AMD K6 @ 366MHz (I gave that one to my sister, but it's only meters away from the rest of the junk)
- P2 @ 450MHz (I haven't been using it for almost 3 years, but it seems it died up like half a year ago)
- Pentium Celeron 1,7GHz (it worked surprisingly well when I got it, or rather when my family got it. I had been in my house even before the AMD K6, but the K6 was my own PC and I didn't had to share it with the whole family. By the way my parents still use this Celeron. If its hardware weren't so used up, it would be a half decent PC for minor tasks, like surfing net, emailing, watching youtube.)

My current PCs are:

- Core2Duo @ 2,6GHz with GF8800GT (It's still a quite usable machine.)
- MSI Wind U100 Netbook with Atom @ 1,6-2GHz (It's not bad, it can be used for a large number of things, but some just work better on a desktop in more ways than one.)

Along with the MBs and CPUs there are some really old graphic Cards, like:
- Realtek Trident VGA Card for ISA (with either 256kB RAM or less likely 512kB RAM)
- Tseng ET3000AX VGA Card for ISA (huge in size with 512kB RAM. It outputs both VGA and EGA signals in case you had an EGA display. I friend of mine gave me this a few years ago, so I didn't really use it. Last time I checked it actually worked on windows 2000 with Win3.1 drivers...)
- Paradise Bali (32?) (The card had 1MB of RAM expandable to 2MB. Through forcing Win95 to install Win3.1 drivers I was able to play DirectX games for the first time.)
- A bunch of S3 Trio (various versions)
- Two S3 Virge (Even though this was one of the first uniform 3D cards I never really used it for 3D. Mainly because either the main chip or additional memory was damaged\buggy. The other reason was that the card only offered 2MB for textures and vertices. However the movie playback "acceleration" was quite useful. I no longer have them.)
- SiS Daytona (Had same amount of RAM as Virge, but somehow worked better with 3D)
- Also a bunch of cards I cant really name and some post PCI cards

As for sound cards aside from Soundblasters (VIBRA, 16, Pro) I have\had a bunch of nonames. The only one worth mentioning was a card which came with its own speakers. Those speakers did not need any external power, they required only the audio signal (to bad their plug is slightly too short for modern female jack plugs). The weirdest thing was that the card sounded very well on those speakers, even though it only supported sampling rates up to 22kHZ in stereo. It also had a wavetable daughterboard which made midi sound awesome.

In the past I did play some games on famiclone, C64, GB, etc. at some friends place. I did want to get some of those, but always ended up not getting any (read had no money), until lately when I got Dingoo A320 (though as a gift). When I was stuck with low end PCs, I always tried to push them to the limit with movie playback, games and emulators.

Hmm, how did I ended up writing all this stuff?


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2011, 03:24:53 am »
Vectrex -> Atari 2600 -> NES -> C64 -> Master System -> Mega Drive -> SNES -> GameBoy -> Dreamcast -> N64 -> PlayStation -> Xbox -> PlayStation 2 -> Wii.

Since then I've also bought and got into Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Saturn and PC Engine, as well as various arcade PCB's.

Really want to get hold of a Sega CD and 32X to finish off my retro collection and experience.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2011, 03:04:45 pm »
My first was a Spectrum +3, that was my only computer for 6 years and my introduction to gaming and IT :) Many happy memories from those days. Then in 1992 I got a Sega Master System which was also great, and then a SNES in 1993. I left consoles in 1994 in favour of an Amiga 1200, and didn't get another console until the N64 came out in 1997. I also briefly had a Sega Saturn in 1998. That was my last 'new' console for years, until I got a Wii in 2007. I've pretty much only been in to retro gaming since the end of the N64, Playstation's never interested me. I also bought a JAMMA arcade machine in 2002 that was in my bedroom for a few years.

So here's my favourite game from each system:

Spectrum: Gift from the Gods
Master System: Asterix
SNES: Street Fighter 2 (obviously!)
Amiga: Monkey Island
N64: Mario 64
Saturn: Guardian Heroes
Wii: Mario Galaxy
Arcade: Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition
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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #9 on: April 27, 2011, 03:40:18 pm »
I actually only had the NES myself (and still have it :) ). But a friend of mine had lots of gaming systems, so at his house I played a lot of Sega Mega Drive, Master System, SNES, Amiga 500, Atari ST etc. Then in the early 90s I became more of a PC gamer and today I only have a PC (AMD Phenom II 720 + AMD 6850) and my Dingoo


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #10 on: April 27, 2011, 10:10:56 pm »
Here my illustrated computer history :)

First gaming computer (late 70s)

The computer I started programming (early 80s)

First handheld computer (mid 80s)

First personal computer was a Packard Bell 286 Laptop with a b/w backlight flat screen (late 80s)

And the chronological list of consoles:

Sega Game Gear
Nintendo SNES
Sega Mega Drive (+CD, +32X)
Sega Master System (Powerbase)
SNK Neo Geo AES (+CD)
NEC Turbo Duo
Nintendo Gameboy
Atari Lynx
NEC PC Engine GT
Arcade (JAMMA Console)
Atari Jaguar (+CD)
Sega Saturn
Sony Playstation
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Sony Playstation 2
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Gamecube
Microsoft XBox
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Microsoft XBox 360
Sony Playstation 3
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii U

+ Dingoo, Wiz, Caanoo, JXD and some more

Today I play a lot 8/16-bit classics on emulator handhelds, NDS/3DS/Wii games and a number of emulators on the PC.

BTW. Does anyone know (or play) on GGPO or Supercade? It's great for lag-free netplay.

Sorry for the long post :-[ I collect this stuff ;D
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Emulator packs and fact sheets for Wiz, Caanoo, Dingoo and Pandora.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #11 on: January 19, 2012, 11:16:40 am »
Game & Watch, Gameboy, NES, Sega Genesis, Playstation 1, Wii. Now i'm waiting for my dingoo a320. Probably Dingoo will be my favourite.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2012, 06:13:24 am »
my first and so far my last console is the playstation 2, that i bought on a whim when i realized that i hadn't owned any videogame console in my whole life  :-*

i was raised on an atari 800xl and then jumped straight to the pc (then again i had a friend who kindly lent me a snes and a psx from time to time, so i wasn't that console-agnostic)


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #13 on: January 20, 2012, 12:03:05 pm »
My evolution was like this:

Spectrum 48K -> Commodore 64 -> Spectrum 128K -> Commodore Amiga -> Tronika Handheld LCD Games* (still have Helicopter Revenger working) -> Nintendo Game & Watch -> Family TV Game* (NES Clone) -> Sega Megadrive* (Genesis) -> Sega Saturn* -> Sega Dreamcast* -> Nintendo Wii* -> Nintendo DS Lite* -> Dingoo*

The ones with the * I still have them and they do work.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #14 on: February 07, 2012, 03:35:52 pm »
Game & Watch
->Commodore 64
->Nintendo DS Lite
->Tapwave Zodiac 1
->Dingoo A320

Most used for gaming these days: Dingoo, NDS Lite and my good old Palm m500.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2012, 08:27:09 am »
Over the years I've had:

Atari 2600 -> Amstrad CPC464 -> Master System -> Megadrive -> Mega CD -> Playstation -> Dreamcast -> PS2 -> Wii

What I have now:
-Dingoo A320
-Atari 2600, CompuMate, Harmony Cartridge
-Master System
-Atari Lynx
-Amstrad CPC6128
-Several Pong type consoles
-Meggy RGB Jr

Soon I should have an Atari Jaguar too. Also the kids have DSi, Explorer and V.Smile.


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #16 on: April 27, 2012, 05:56:48 am »
fuck! Hard topic! Let me see if i remember all

ZX -> Game and Watch (tons of them) -> Atari 2600 -> GameBoy -> NES -> SNES -> GBP -> MegaDrive -> Game Gear -> Sega Saturn -> NeoGeo Pocket -> GBC -> Nintendo 64 -> PSX (sucks played MGS and some other and sold it) -> Dreamcast -> GBA -> GameCube -> GBA SP -> NDS -> iPhone -> Xbox360 -> Wii (sold it too, shit console) Dingoo ->

Never had Master System...  And of course in between PC :D IBM PS/1, 286, 386, 486, Pentium I, Pentium II, Celeron Tulatin, AMD XP, AMD can't remember, MBP, MBP....

Nowdays I'm trying to regain my collection becasue my Game Gear was stolen from my house, my Mega Drive hasn't no joypads (thanks to cool housekeepers who steal shit) and it's pretty much it. Of course I'm not going to try to get the games i've lost / borrowed cause for GB i had like 100 carts, MD 50 carts, Sega Saturn 80 games, SNES 40... NES 50... just got some at least i have SMW and Zelda for SNES!

Awww I miss the old days :D


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #17 on: June 10, 2012, 12:34:40 pm »
This is my computer history:
Commodore 64 --> Commodore Amiga 500 --> Commodore Amiga 1200 --> PC with Windows 95 -->iMac

and this is my console history:
the first portable Atari Lynx --> Sega Megadrive --> GameBoy -->  PSX --> Nintendo 64 --> DreamCast --> PS2 --> GameCube --> XBOX --> XBOX360 --> PS3

But i bought and play every game system from Nes to Snes, from PSP to NDS, from Pc Engine to Bandai Playdia...


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #18 on: September 07, 2012, 04:25:23 am »
SNES -> Pico -> Genesis -> N64 -> PS1 -> GCN -> DS -> 360 -> Wii {fast-forward to 2010} Retro Duo -> GenMobile -> FC-16 Go -> JXD S5110

Yeah... I kinda stopped caring about the new and popular systems when I realized clones genuinely make me happier. I really like how clones are similar to toys in the way they're built and designed. It makes them more fun to collect. My first experience with the Retro Duo really brought back the "spark" in video games, for me.

If you're wondering about the SNES and PS1, those were originally my sister's, but they became mine as she never really used them that much. I really like them both, tons of great games, a lot of which I still don't physically own yet. Not listed are the PS2 and PSP - again my sisters, but I never got into them as much as I did the SNES and PS1. Especially not the PSP.
DS Phat | GenMobile | FC-16 Go | JXD S5110 | JXD S7300 | Retromini


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Re: Whats your Console/Gaming History?
« Reply #19 on: September 23, 2012, 01:47:08 am »
Mine goes something like this (in chronological order):

- Atari 2600
- PC (DOS)
- N64
- PSOne
- PC (Windows) [I discovered emulation at this time, and fell in love with it.]
- PS2
- Gaming PC (a proper one, bought in January ).
- Android handheld to be determined in the *very* near future.

My favorites were SNES, PSOne and PCs in general. Also, thanks of emulation, I have a soft spot for Amiga games, even though I never owned one.

I'm more inclined to retrogaming, though I play a number of modern games, but exclusively for PC - Newer consoles came at a time when I had little to no money, so I missed out. Eventually, when things got easier and I had the opportunity to "catch up", the newer consoles didn't appeal to me enough to make the investment, compared to a PC.

I do sneak a game or two on newer consoles once in a while: when friends come over, they sometimes bring their consoles, for a "game weekend".
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