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Re: Retro Gaming Magazine Coming in 2014
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It is a little over a week late but here is the second issue of Retro Gaming Magazine.  This issue features the debut of the ?Game Hacks? column, the return of the ?Post Mortem? column and an exclusive interview with Artemio Urbina of Junker HQ (hint, if you are playing Policenauts in English, it is thanks to this man).  The full table of contents for this issue is:

Interview: Artemio Urbina
Fan Translations:
Clocktower on SNES
Dynamite Headdy for Sega Genesis
Metal Gear 1 and 2 on MSX2
Royal Stone on Game Gear
Sweet Home on NES

Post Mortem:
Castlevania for Spectrum
Legends for Atari 2600
Reblobed for Sega Dreamcast
Sydney Hunter and the Mayan?s Revenge for NES

Digital Comics:
Akira for NES
Bubblegum Crash: Knight Sabers 2034 for Turbo Grafx-16
Jesus: Dreadful Bio-Monster for NES
Play Novel: Silent Hill for GBA
Policenauts for Playstation
Radical Dreamers for SNES
Snatcher for MSX2

Game Hacks:
God of War for NES
Sonic Winter Adventures for Genesis
WWE Wrestling for NES

Sharp X68000 gaming computer article.


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