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Hello guys, it's MashTec here ;)

Today i want to show you the ultimate solution how to install EmulationStation as frontend on your RG350 using a completely preconfigured diskimage and make the device a "ready to go" retro gaming handheld.
It was never easier to get this beautiful and well organized frontend to your RG350 without going through many many setup steps, like when you install it manually to your system. All configuration is already done for you. Beside EmulationStation, the image comes with all emulator systems preinstalled, preinstalled themes,.. and the best, it also includes a big set of roms and a bunch of ported games like JazzJack Rabbit, OpenTyrian, FreeDoom or Streets of Rage Remake.

Note: The image requires a SD card with at least 65GB of capacity. This image does not work for the RG350M!

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Great work! Although I've been playing on my RG350M since I got it, I will dust of my old RG350 :-) Thanks a lot for all your efforts!

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thanks again you are a superstar


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