Author Topic: Homebrew Game Queries (SORR/Duke3d)  (Read 494 times)

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Homebrew Game Queries (SORR/Duke3d)
« on: November 09, 2019, 05:34:24 pm »
Hey All,

I have been playing around with SORR and Duke3d on my RG350, everything is running fine for the most part apart from a couple of controller queries I have.

- With SORR I am not able to set the left analog as primary movement control, is this as expected or is possible to set it this way?

- When playing Duke3D I have everything setup as I want it with twin stick control etc but when I go to move forward or backwards, Duke moves extremely slowly, I have messed with the deadzone, stick sensitivity, auto run and nothing seems to fix it, has anybody else seen this issue and in turn a fix?

Thanks for any help


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