Author Topic: Hi! Its about RG350M color saturation, its too low and color are washout.  (Read 700 times)

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Hi! My RG350M is one of my favorite handheld, but i never like the color saturation. The color saturation is too low and colors are washout. Is it possible for someone of NIOH FOX author of Rogue, to add a option for choose a higher color saturation. Or is it possible to release a firmware with a much higher color saturation level. Or do you know a way with DSI Commands to get a much higher color saturation on the RG350M. I mostly play nes, snes and sega genesis and colors are so washout. Thanks a lot for answer and help. It would be very appreciated. By the way, i'm not the only one that want that. (I even think to exchange my RG350M LCD with the one from the RG351V, but most people think thats its not compatible or need a driver. and i dont have the skill for doing a driver.) Thanks a lot guys !
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Retroarch works pretty well these days (except for some more demanding SNES titles):

With Retroarch you can choose many different color palettes - here are some examples:

Some shaders may also affect saturation, but I'm not sure if the shaders can be read from the home/.retroarch/shaders folder as I didn't try it.

Also, Fceux has tint and hue controls.


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