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Author Topic: Hi! Can someone post a screenshot of RG350M with a game in FCEUMM in fullscreen.  (Read 622 times)

renejr902 (OP)

  • Posts: 69
Hi! Can someone post a screenshot or more of RG350M with a game in FCEUMM in fullscreen with HARDWARE Scaling. Maybe with Super Mario Bros or Mega Man IV..

Someone answer me in my other topic that Fceumm look awful and a lot pixelated in fullscreen with the RG350m with no more smoothing or scaling option. I will mostly use it for nes.
I already have the nomal rg350 and its looks ok.

Thanks for picture and help.

Note: If someone can take a picture of it in retroarch with Fceumm too. Maybe retroarch upscale it better, if hardware scaling dont appear automatically..
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renejr902 (OP)

  • Posts: 69
I bought it at discount on bangood from USA to Canada. It should not be long. Thanks for all previous answers guys. I will let you know my feedback after i tested it.