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Author Topic: GCW Zero emulators on RG350M  (Read 989 times)

eltehero (OP)

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GCW Zero emulators on RG350M
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:30:58 am »
I used to have a gcw zero years ago and regrettably sold it without using it.

I really wish I kept my zero, anyway I have recently put an order for the new rg350m (metal version) console which has the same ingenic cpu as the gcw zero, uses a fork of opendingux and can use the zero's opk directly.

Does this mean that I can exactly replicate all the gcw zero emulators on the rg350m?

I am not so much interested in emulators enhanced or improved specifically for the rg350 for now. I only want to use gcw zero emulators on the rg350m exactly as they were running on the former device.
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Re: GCW Zero emulators on RG350M
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2020, 09:51:04 am »
Almost all the old emulators and games should work - but only if they don't require wifi or accelerometer which the RG350/M doesn't have built in.

That said, there are some updates to some of the emulators that are highly recommended. Fear not! They look and behave the same, so you shouldn't have any reason to be leery of them.

In terms of build quality and LCD, the RG350M is such an improvement over the GCW0. I doubt you'll have any regrets about selling it after you get it.


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