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Bermuda Syndrome for RG350 (With Load-Save States)
« on: June 08, 2021, 12:26:36 am »
Bermuda Syndrome 0.1.4 for RG350

Compiled by Ninoh-Fox (Based in the David Knight version)
Packed by _-Caleb-_
Changes with the GCW Zero Version:
- Added the original Windows 95 Icon.
- Added the possibility of save-load remaping keys.
- Deleted the sourcecode from the OPK file.

D-pad/joystick  Moves
A               Shoot weapon
B               Action (also skip video)
X               Run/hide weapon
Y               Show/hide stats
L2              Load Game
R2              Save Game
L1              Previous saveslot
R1              Next Saveslot
Select          Exit/Quit
Start           Open bag

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