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Author Topic: All the paths for additional files of games  (Read 10441 times)

Anubys (OP)

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Re: All the paths for additional files of games
« Reply #20 on: March 01, 2020, 03:04:29 pm »
Somehow, the chocolate doom keeps playing the build in shareware wad files.
After hours of trying, not sure how to select the files for doom, doom2, hexen and heretic...
I did find a post about putting them in shares/games/doom but it does not work eighter.

Anybody have a tutorial where to put the files for the doom game files?

Check out Bitgala's site for the update opk files: https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG-350/
The newest Chocolate Doom with file selector: https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG-350/localpack/extra_games/chocolatedoom-selector.opk
Note that you should delete the old one, otherwise you will have two versions on you RG350.


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