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Author Topic: [RELEASE] HacX: Twitch n' Kill  (Read 1255 times)

_-Caleb-_ (OP)

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[RELEASE] HacX: Twitch n' Kill
« on: June 26, 2020, 12:54:24 pm »

Google Drive

Code: [Select]
HacX Manual & ReadME
OPK Version: 1.1
Release date: 25/06/2020

Packed by: _-Caleb-_
e-mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @calebin

HacX for RG350 use Prboom+ Doom Engine
Wads included:
- HacX 1.2 (10/08/2010) as PWAD
- FreeDoom Phase II: Version 0.12.1 (22-10-2019) as iWAD

HacX website: www.drnostromo.com/hacx/
Prboom+ Main website: www.prboom.org/
Prboom+ GCW-ZERO Source: https://github.com/Ninoh-FOX/PrBoom-plus-for-RG350
Freedoom website: https://freedoom.github.io/


- HacX for RG350 include support for auto compress and decompress the savegames before and after start the game, then we can use all the odamex slots just for one game.

- If there are existing saves due to a forced reset, battery drain or old saves. These will be saved in the internal memory in the following folder: /usr/local/home/.prboom-plus/old_savegames_DATE.tar.gz)

- They can be unzipped on the console itself using the uncompressor utility or on a computer with 7zip or similar.


v 1.0 (Initial Release)

- Created new icon.
- Included the icon gimp file in the .opk for future edits
- Created and adaptated all documents (Readmes, manuals, etc) for an easy read on the RG350
- Added for legacy pruposes the HacX icon of the moddb website.
- Included the Original TXT file into the .opk. (You can read a copy adapted for the RG350 below in this file.
- Changed Odamex for PrBoom+, lost the dual joy scheme but won in compatibility.

Original ReadME

Primary purpose: Single+Coop play / Deathmatch
Special Notice: This version is an OFFICIAL update to HACX v1.1.
Title: Hacx - IWAD release (v1.2)
Filename: HACX.WAD
Release date:
- 1997 commercial release,
- Changed 2000 into freeware
- Cpdated to v1.2 IWAD on 10/8/2010

Author: Banjo Software

Official Homepage: http://drnostromo.com/hacx/

Description: HACX is an action filled DOOM Engine game. The story is set in the near future, where you'll find yourself engrossed in an international blastfest. Wield weapons of mass destruction from China to Paris to combat a devilish artificial intelligence and its hordes of loyal fanatics. Can you handle it, hacker?
This release is a stand-alone IWAD that does not require DOOM II to run, and is compatible with many popular ports. Release also includes several minor map fixes since v1.1 (making levels fully co-op compatible) and other miscellaneous tweaks.

HACX.WAD can be run either as an IWAD with ZDoom and Eternity or as a PWAD alongside DOOM II using other ports like Chocolate Doom and PRBoom.
Additional Credits to:
- Xaser and Blzut3 for creating the v1.2 IWAD
- Nostromo for constant support & co-op testing
- Quasar for Eternity support
- Cage for widescreen-friendly weapon sprites
- JustinC for uzi gloves


* What is included *

New levels: 21
Sounds: Yes
Music: Yes
Graphics: Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch: Yes (in wad)
Demos: Yes

Note: Demos recorded with previous releases are not guaranteed to play back correctly in v1.2.

Files Included: HACX.WAD, HACX.TXT

* Play Information *

Game: HACX (compatible with DOOM II)
Map #: MAP01 - MAP20 and MAP31
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: Designed for
Other game styles: No
Difficulty Settings: Yes

* Construction *

Base: New from scratch

* Copyright / Permissions *

This Add-On is made possible by a license agreement between Banjo Software, Inc. and Id Software, Inc.

Neither Banjo Software, Inc., nor the game HACX (tm), are affiliated with Id Software, Inc. and will not be supported by Id Software, Inc.

"HACX (tm)" is a trademark of Banjo Software, Inc.
"HACX (tm)" and all material in "HACX (tm)" are copyrighted, 1995-97 by Banjo Software, Inc.

"DOOM II (tm)" and "DOOM (R)" are registered trademarks of Id Software, Inc.
"DOOM II (tm)" and all material in "DOOM II (tm)" are copyrighted, 1994 by Id Software, Inc.

Hacx can now be distributed freely by any site that wishes to host it. Also, any site that wishes to create a distribution area for files, mods, bug fixes, etc., please, feel free to do so. Hacx is now a royalty free item. This means that Hacx may NOT be used to generate income of any kind nor can it be used to promote any activity that would generate income.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/msdos/games/idgames and mirrors.

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_-Caleb-_ (OP)

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Re: [RELEASE] HacX: Twitch n' Kill
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2021, 09:02:57 am »
Updated to 1.1

New prboom exec (compatible with Rogue 1.7.10u2 and opendingux beta)

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