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Re: PAP KIII Plus (Dingux, 480x272 screen)
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C64 emulator (Vice) 480x272 native

Gives a whole lease of live to the device.  30-40 for a new opendingux handheld, not bad. :-)

Is C64 fullspeed with sound? If so might get one of these

I have only tried two games on it so far (Platoon and Rick dangerous) and yes they are Full speed. And that is even when I use "Resid" SID emulation which is more accurate

For demo's however, in particular those that use irq loading while showing a section, it slows down to a crawl. (this would be the stage where it would need to emulate two cpu's in C64 and the 1541 drive.)

For games it works very well.

Jack83 (OP)

Re: PAP KIII Plus (Dingux, 480x272 screen)
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I had some fun yesterday  ;D

Attached you find the pinout for the serial console to the device. Root has no password and you can just log in. Use 57600 baud.

Documentation, kernel sources, kernel patches and other stuff for the lepus dev board (which our device is based on) can be found here

I hope I can get usb network running.

Found out that the dmenu I compiled runs at 40% cpu idle.   ???


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