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All Miyoo firmware devices overview here

New v1.3.3cfw 04/10/2020 supported devices as follows (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90, Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5 all updated firmwares).

Downloads links below alternative server will be added soon thank you all and Enjoy this release.

Pocketgo v1

Powkiddy V90, Q90

Bittboy v2.0 v2.5

Bittboy v3.0

Bittboy v3.5

Mirror server

Changelog for all Miyoo devices are split into 3 catagories New apps & games, Updates app&games, Rootfs & folder level changes to the firmware.

New apps & games.

*New emulator Frodo2Go beta C64 emulator (note .d64 .t64 files only) thanks to pthalin.
*New emulator ngpcemu neogeo pocket thanks gameblabla.
*New emulator speccy spectrum thanks platformerAndroid.
*New emulator crocods cpc  thanks pthalin.
*New emulator added retro8 which is a PICO-8 emulator thanks to sauce.
*New emulator Game&Watch NOTE to start game press the (sleep wake button & Y to start it)huge thanks to Steward-Fu for making this possible.
*New emulator j2me java 0.0.2 emulator thanks pthalin.
*New emulator msx  1.3.0 thanks pthalin.
*New game heroes added thanks syzmor.
*New game methane added thanks szymor.
*New game stransball2 added thanks szymor.
*New game just4qix added thanks to szymor & triforce.
*New game MSX demo game The_Menace_from_Triton.permision given by author Santi Onta??n Villar thanks.
*New game MSX demo game called BlockPuzzle permision given by author David -turbor- Heremans thanks.
*New game added Western Bar cool shooting cowboy game (SELECT: exit game) thanks to Steward.
*New game added NS.Shaft cool 2d platform game (SELECT: exit game) thanks to Steward.
*New game MSX demo game we have got permission to add AlLIEN ATTACK PROMO DEMO ENHANCED EDITION by Marcos Daniel Blanco de Oliveira thanks.
*New skin ported Nsdark to work switch theme skin s4ilence updated by harsh bhardwaj thanks to both.
*New skin added New comicbook all artwork reworked by harsh bhardwaj thanks.
*New skin added RetroWave all artwork reworked by harsh bhardwaj thanks.
*New skin added Gameshow voted as the default theme by the community created by harsh bhardwaj thanks.

Updates to apps & games.

*Updated snes9x4d thanks  m45t3r.
*Updated pocketsnes thanks  m45t3r.
*Updated game Yatka to latest thanks szymor.
*Updated gpsp_gameblabla v3 rumble updated thanks gameblabla.
*Updated gpsp_rumble v4 thanks sauce Gameblabla
*Updated mame4all.dge to latest thanks gameblabla.
*Updated smsplusgx thanks gameblabla.
*Updated Sorr game from v1.3.2 would not start.
*Updated j2me java emulator to v0.0.3 with sound now thanks pthalin.
*Updated to latest gambatte-dms thanks bardeci.
*Updated msx emulator to v1.4.0 thanks pthalin.
*Updated missing icons to NSdark skin for new releases other skins will be updated later.
*Updated J2ME java emulator to bittboy-j2me_0.0.4. Fixed sound bug thanks pthalin.
*Updated bittboy-msx emulator to v1.4.1 Minor fix for better sound thanks pthalin.
*Updated speccy v0.1 remapped the buttons for pocketspeccy - so up a button,reset button quits now,CPU speed to 350 double the battery life,thanks platformerAndroid.
*Updated snesadvance.dat has been placed in .snes9x4d.
*Updated GPSP removed and replaced with GPSP Rumble as this is the better version of this emulator.
*Updated C64 Frodo2Go emulator New features: Keyboard  (Start) Menu (R) Joystick port switch with indicator (Select) thanks to pthalin.
*Updated C64 Frodo2Go v1.0.0 emulator New features: New: Snapshots with thumbnails (save/load of state) Add screenshot Massive code cleaning and optimization thanks to pthalin.
*Updated C64 Frodo2Go v1.0.1 emulator Found a memory leak that causes it to hang randomly fixed thanks to pthalin.
*Updated vectrex emulator updated as reported was corrupted in last cfw now fixed.
*Updated Yatka game see below for changes v0.7"SRS wall kicking system, new implementation of easy spin (the old did not conform to Tetris Guideline),more dynamic controls,key configuration possible via modification of settings file,three new randomizers,new skins thanks to szymor.
*Updated Fontigrid skin made by s4ilence updated by harsh bhardwaj thanks to both.

Rootfs & folder level changes.

*New first boot logo changed to Miyoo CFW thanks Triforce & Dee.
*New 2nd boot logo for Powkiddy devices added thanks Hi-ban.
* and timidity is installed in rootfs to allow the java app to have sound thanks dee & pthalin.
*File added to all devices rootfs so developers can use this file to identify the type of device at runtime thanks pthalin.
*V90 only L2 R2 buttons have now been activated and added to zimage developers can now use them when compiing new emulators (power off is R (MENU KEY)+A in this build)
Key Mapping
L2 is Right ALT
R2 is Right SHIFT thanks pthalin.
*Note to developers zImage is the important part for L2 R2. cfw-info is just a file that can tell the current used device to an app. Together this can be used to utilize L2 and R2 in future updates of apps.
*New rom folders created for new emulators in roms.
*Renamed all missing game names descriptions of games when scrolling in menu.

Special Thanks to developers & community members for contributing to all development of pocketgo & Bittboy related stuff below.

mysterioustrashninja,2TMAU5,da1writer,Fontes,s4i,Segich,SimplEasy,Harsh Bhardwaj,s4ilence,Augen(히힛마스터),
TakoSalad,TriForce,Mystic_Morgan,MrRobotSK,WenTao,dElAvA,ToTo,Turtle,RichPKM,James Dull,,Vincent,Dmm1138,Alexai

OpenDingux for Miyoo/Bittboy handheld was ported by steward-fu and GMenuNX by pingflood is a fork of GMenu2X developed by Massimiliano Torromeo. This project is licensed under GPLv2 as free software. You are free to use, modify and redistribute them following the terms in License.txt
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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2020, 10:57:51 am »
Thanks! I've installed it on my PowKiddy V90 and reported a couple of issues on the Miyoo GitHub.


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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2020, 12:50:46 pm »
My miyoo V1 version, after brushing pocketgo V1, all the keys failed.


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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2020, 02:00:58 am »
My miyoo V1 version, after brushing pocketgo V1, all the keys failed.

Similar case with Powkiddy Q90, Reset function doesn't work and I can't remap it.

P.S: I tried with several SD and even with OFW, I have lost Reset function.
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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2020, 12:59:55 am »
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, as a curiosity, is there any other fw compatible with the PocketGo v1?


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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2020, 06:43:10 pm »
Is the Pocket Go v2 with the reset button excluded from this firmware?


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Re: New v1.3.3cfw (Pocketgo, PowKiddy V90,Q90,Bittboy v2,v2.5,v3,v3.5
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2021, 10:52:48 am »
Was so hyped up to see a C64 emulator for the V90, but turns out it runs only very few games, any idea whether this something that can be fixed? Also, the Rise of the Triad port still has completely broken sound.


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