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« on: August 01, 2018, 10:55:25 pm »
Is there a complete list of MIPS CPUs from various handheld systems?

I know about the Ingenic line of CPUs, but it seems like the only ones that are worth it are the later Jz4775 and the Jz4780. The other ones they have on their store page seem to be impossible to buy individually or even find handhelds with them.

The Actions atj2279b in the X9 seems to be something the community would benefit from since it simply has better 3D acceleration albeit the handhelds it comes in are very dinky and prone to breaking. The bright side is the GPU in the atj2279b is even capable of OpenVG 1.0 (at least on the Actions PDF it says that).

I also saw some other Actions Processors in other handhelds I believe they are the best choice when it comes to making CFW for them. Is there much custom firmware started for this or even a Dingux port?

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