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LDK Loading cheats on gPSP (GBA) [Solved]
« on: June 26, 2019, 09:43:39 pm »
Hi All,

 I have several GBA CHT files. I have the LDK game system that looks like a GBA SP when shut. Anyway, I tried putting the files in /emus/gpsp/gba/cht and /emus/gpsp/cht. However, when I am in a game and I hit the emulator menu button and click cheats, I do not see any cheats loaded. I tried renaming the cheat file as the file I am using and tried capitol CHT and lowercase cht for the file extension. But, no go.

If anyone can help, that would be great. Thank You.

Edit: Found out that in the version of firmware I had, I had to user .gpsp folder (not in a cht folder either) with the sav and cfg file for the games. Also, make sure that the name of the cht file file was the name of the game (without extension) and that the cht extension was lower case. This worked. Some codes I had seemed to be hit or missed but this did work. Just leaving this here for anyone else that runs into the same issue. All the directions I could find were telling me to put them in a separate cht folder.
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