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JXD s7100 -New console-tablet with Android -

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Subj is in stock already.


    ARM Cortex [email protected]
    GPU MALI-400
    OpenGL ES 1.x/2.0
    Размер диска от 2 до 16 гб
    RAM 512 MB
    Экран 7 дюймов@ 800480
    ОС Android 2.2
    WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (врут небось про n)
    Выход HDMI
    Размеры: 238.5121.712.35 мм
    USB 2.0, в том числе OTG

If it's true, flawless n64 and psx emulations at affordable price starts right here.

Well, what's your take on this device?

i'll continue to wait until something with exceptional build quality and control/ergonomics design comes out that isnt made of cheap materials and actualy looks unique in apearance and thinks of emulation gamers when making, i would be fine if it came with android out of box, but id also like if it was made open with homebrew linux os devs in mind and actualy was full fledged open source, so in essence they'd be providing hardware that does something already when you get it [android] but can be turned into a homebrew/linux and dev playground. thats my fantasy, and many others i sure as well, and im not buying a single handheld till something like what I'm saying is released, that skimps on nothing, no cutting corners anywhere, good solid build quality, nice gripping for comfort, and controls that feel like they're an extension of your finger's natural dexterity. until this is released im not buying, and don't even bring up the caanoo, the darn thing uses a joystick and is underpowered for perfect, fullspeed snes emulation, by that i mean, all roms [except tengai makyou zero] will play flawless, in all parts of the game at full fps without slowdown. and again, good build quality, i cant stress that enough, if i hear one creak, moan, over clickyness, or is it even looks breakable in any place, im not ever buying it. i wait for my dream console to arrive....

i guess you could get away better with a handmade potable of the wanted consoles :p


The unforgiving flaws from new android consoles so far


- Too big
- No shoulder buttons.


- The buttons
- Resistive screen with 1 point (no multitouch).

It's not that bad. they only have to change two or three things and the outcome would be pretty neat.



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