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JXD s7100 -New console-tablet with Android -

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Dont like the look of this one...

Its gone a bit Wiz with the buttons.... i.e its like a 2nd D-Pad and any console needs shoulder buttons, with out them your limited to the controlls for many games systems after the Sega MD.

I know mapping shoulder buttons to others helps with some games (i map my GBA games to the XY on my Dingoo for most games, but some games play better with shoulder buttons.

And some games would be awkward without them..

Can't say that this one is doing it for me, but at least we're getting on the right track now.

JXD S7100 、lotiyo T8 、yinlips G18 all of them use the same SoC

!OMG!.. the YINLIPS is still O.K... but this thing is HUGE  :o
I'm staying with my G18

Is a quite significant thing that if you go to JXD website you'll find that s7100 is not in the category consoles, it's in MID's category. So I wasn't wrong when I stated this is a mainly a tablet with crappy controllers incorporated. Otherwise, all the consoles from this company have the same crappy buttons which I don't like a little bit (What's wrong with the a320 buttons?). So, don't expect much from JXD.
As a tablet there are best and cheaper options out there-------> Window N50, Ainol Novo 7 Basic and so on.


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