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Junk CFW 2.0 for AIWO G1000
« on: December 21, 2019, 08:29:29 pm »
Junk CFW 2.0 for AIWO!79NWgapa!-Fta0Ec8xJjQYHIhtTpkGw

Hello there dear player.

00. A few words - this Custom Firmware (later: CFW) is a take on Original Firmware (later:OFW) so you can enjoy both of the worlds. That means, that you can return to OFW at any time. That also means, that not all function works as I would like. Maybe I will be able to fix it in the next versions, but no promises. This version is 2.0. Yes, there was a previous CFW, but it was so full of bugs, that I took it down.
01. Before we start, you should get a few things:
- AIWO G100 (turned off, fully charged)
- a computer (preferably with windows, for Linux support just ask for help on Discord)
- software for burning image to SD card (recommended:
- software for flashing AIWO (AndroidTool_Console and Driver Assistant is in the repo)
- microSD card (as big as you want, but I'd rather not go below 8GB)
- male to male USB cable
02. Unpack and run Dirver Assistant. Unpack AndroidTool_Console to a known place
03. Copy Junk_CFW_2.0.img to that directory
04. Connect USB cable to the computer and to the TOP USB of AIWO
05. Press RETURN on AIWO and turn it on. There will be black screen. It is normal.
06. Run Android_Console_Tool.exe with administrator rights
07. There should be information that "DevNo=1 Vid=0x2207,Pid=0x310c,Layer=3-1-4". Press 1 and Enter
08. Now type this (without quotes) "wl 0x0 Junk_CFW_2.0.img" and press Enter
09. When the countdown will reach 100% the process is done. You can press q and Enter to quit program.
0a. Turn off AIWO and disconnect it from computer. The easy part is done, the AIWO is flashed with CFW, but will not run it without special microSD card.
0b. Install Etcher
0c. Connect microSD card to your PC (via card reader or directly) and run Etcher
0d. Choose Junk_SD.img and flash it to your card. When it is done, reconnect the SD card to computer - there should be two good partitions and one broken (DO NOT FORMAT IT!).
0e. Unfortunately a hard part is coming - messing with partitions - during the tests we have found, that the easiest way is:
- copy all (and I mean all) files and directories from the partition with "game" directory on it to some safe place
- run Windows disk management
- find the SD cart there
- remove last partition
- make a new Windows partition that fills the rest of the space
- close Windows disk management
- one of the partitions is empty - copy there all the files from the beginning (all of them)
- put your games into "game" directory
0f. Umount microSD and put it into AIWO.
10. Turn on AIWO - if all the previous points succeeded - you should now have a RetroArch 1.8.1 menu
11. To play a game you should choose a "core" (which means emulator) and "content" (game).
12. Retroarch has a nice feature - abitity to scan directory to try to find a matching pair core-content. Try it.
13. Enjoy!

If you want to go back to the OFW - just put in any SD card different then CFW one.

not tested yet, ,check their discord channel ;)

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Re: Junk CFW 2.0 for AIWO G1000
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 07:49:52 pm »
AIWO G1000 JUNK CFW 2.0.2 is out (same link)


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