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Bartop in Android or Linux
« on: July 29, 2017, 02:58:25 am »
So, I was playing with my Nintendo Switch tonight, and having a blast.  Namco Museum is out, and I just love Galaga (I have a 9-in-1 arcade machine downstairs).  It reminds me of a mini bartop.

So, this got me thinking.  Since I have so many spare parts for my arcade machines (I have a 9-in-1, Namco Cyberlead and NeoGeo), I've got joysticks, buttons, etc.  Maybe I should just make an actual bartop arcade machine.

I went through my spare parts from projects that I've worked on (I used to be a System Engineer in independent pharmacy), maybe I have some parts.  Here's what I've gathered so far.

Arcade Buttons
Arcade Joystick
Odroid U2 (Exynos 4412, I think) w/power supply
128GB SD Card (no EMMC on the Odroid)
I/O Board (for connecting the buttons and joystick)
13" LCD Panel
Driver Board (for LCD panel)
Small speaker system (USB powered)
Portable Keyboard/Touchpad

Trying to think of what else I may need.  Anyone have any thoughts on what I could be missing?

As well, I am debating between Android and Ubuntu Linux.  I am thinking that Linux may be a bit easier to work with.  LCD isn't a touchscreen and I don't want to add an overlay to it.

I'll see what I can find for wood this weekend, if I can get out.  I may just make the cabinet out of that.  Although there may be some files to 3D print one.