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Another Chinese Game Console: The C2 Color Game Console
« on: June 28, 2018, 01:27:16 am »
I have a bad habit of trying to find obscure electronics. And this is nearly as obscure as you can get.

I present to you, the C2 Color Game Console!

The C2 is a glorious console with a D-Pad, Local 2.4GHz WiFi, Cartridge slot, A, B, and C buttons, and has micro usb power! Don't be fooled though, there is no lithium battery, so you have to put in 3 AA batteries if you don't want to play with it tethered to a charger.

It comes with a built in game based on the roco kingdom characters.

In addition, there is a slot on the side of the console allowing cards to be swiped through. Those cards can add characters to the game. The console scans the barcode and a new character or item appears in the game for you to use.

The C2 comes with 9 holographic game cards that will melt your eyes.

There is very little information on this game console. Everything is copyright 2014 though, so we can assume it was released then. It is unknown when it was discontinued. Most likely before the end of 2015.

There were 4 colors released and supposedly 5 first-party games.

I say supposedly, because only the first four are known to exist in the wild. All are extremely rare though. There were two third-party games that were supposed to be released, but never were. One of them was Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Altogether, it is an interesting console. It completely failed and almost nobody knows about it. Would I recommend you buy it? No. Save your money. Am I glad I did buy it? Yes.

EDIT: Here is a video:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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Re: Another Chinese Game Console: The C2 Color Game Console
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