Author Topic: [For Sale] Nintendo 3DS with the video OUT hardware modification!  (Read 730 times)

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I'm selling a red Nintendo 3DS in perfect condition, complete in it's box, with the video OUT hardware modification (more information here) that allows to output the video and audio to a PC using an USB cable, which is awesome if you're a YouTuber / Streamer or if you just want to play on a bigger screen!

Firmware version 4.4.0-10J, it's a Japanese version.

Price: 199$, international shipping with a tracking number included!

I also have 3 Japanese games in perfect condition, complete and boxed, 15$ each (only sold with the console):
- Bravely Default for the Sequel.
- Final Fantasy Theatrhythm.
- The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past 2.

PayPal only accepted.

Here's a photo of the items. Thanks :3

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