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JXD-S6600-M6 (tablet) Help Plis
« on: May 13, 2013, 08:00:09 pm »
Hello at all friends of this best forum.

I'am from spain and sorry for my bat inglish.

I buy a tablet JXD-S6600-M6 at the onlineshop in spain.

Have a:
A-9,  Dual core 1.5GHz
800x480  7"
Camera frontal  0,3
mini usb-otb
output 3,5 for headphones
in for 5v-2A
3 axis

The tablet are not rootet, and I test all of I take in the forums for unroot, but is impossible. (oneclick,, SRS, uberizer, and other systems)

I look this forum and the manguiro-blog, I loock the procesor and I flash the "Firmware TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0", all is correct, when finish, the tablet start correct loock the JXD logo, and afther the logo JXD, the screen turn in a very bad resolution or similar and is imposible understand nothing.

I enter whith butons in recovery and is the new recovery, I know this beacouse I Know the cwm an for the steps have, but is imposible understend nothing, beacouse the screen have a bad resolution like when I start normali the butons in recovery work.

The screen have very horizontal lines and is impossible view nothing.

I know the firm I install is for jxd-s7300-D, and the resolution of 7300 is more of s6600-m6, but, have your any solution plis?

Knou your a possible or same firm for install in s6600-m6?

The tablet is for my sun and I'am very worry, ufffff.

If is possible I very apreciate your help plis.

Thank your and regards


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