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Re: What's your suggestion on next Dingoo console?
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A 16:10 screen so that 4:3 games don't look as stretched as on 16:9
IR blaster for wireless multiplayer
8.5 hr minimum battery
A joystick like the gcw-zero has
6 buttons (abcxyz) and shoulder buttons for Sega Saturn emulation possibility
At least 768 Mb of RAM (preferably 1gb) so that dingoo can include a ps1 or n64 emulator that will run at average framerates
Easy to navigate OS, doesn't need to be opendingux as long as it is easy to use and customize if need be
Mini HDMI output (or micro)
3.5mm headphone jack
Micro sd card support up to 128gb
Charge through micro USB or mini USB
Ability to port emulators from native dingo to new console relatively easily (maybe provide a converter?)
Not PSP form factor

I know this isnt hardware specific but whatabout mature psx/n64 emulators first before rolling out new hardware?

Even if you have a mature psx/n64 emulator, if you don't have enough ram they still won't run well no matter what you do.


Re: What's your suggestion on next Dingoo console?
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The GCW0 has 2x the amount of ram at half the latency(DDR2 vs DDR-333), not to mention a "faster" CPU, and yet the OP still has way better psx/n64 emulation. Thats because devs psx/n64 actually spent time developing & optimizing for it.
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Re: What's your suggestion on next Dingoo console?
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You forget about firmware/software.

Now, gcw-zero. Without opendingux it would be another crappy console like neogeo x or a380. It's opendingux which makes it a success. Though we don't have proper driver for Vivante GPU, but eventually etna_viv (opensource replacement) will come to the usable state. Ingenic doesn't provide code for it because it's a proprietary licenced technology.

So, before you say that a new hypothetic cosole is a gcw-zero killer look closer at the software. Knowing chineses, I can say that most probably they will make things in a worst possible way. jz4780 has PowerVR graphics chip which is another proprietary thing with no opensource drivers. That means no 3d for opendingux.

So, what are the suggestions for the 'new dingoo'? Well, it doesn't matter what resolution lcd has and how many buttons there are. If the firmware is properly written, it would be a success. If it's another 'we hire some students to adapt dingux for it' or 'we put big screen and Android in it' it would be another fail.

Whatbout a Broadcom Videocore 4 based chip for the next DIngoo ? like the BCM2835/28155/21644 ?? (2835's in the rbpi)

Could have the world's truly first open source handheld video gaming console with full 3D acceleration... Or is the pricepoint too high compared to MIPS/Ingenics? Well you get what you pay for? And ironically for open hardware, it seems to be a little bit more steeper.

van denhawk

Re: What's your suggestion on next Dingoo console?
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Sorry for posting in an old topic but it's about time we had another Dingoo. Any news of a new Dingoo?


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