Author Topic: Selling my Nvidia K1 Portable Prototype & Unreleased GPD Win 1 model / GAMUT  (Read 2783 times)

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$265 free shipping, includes carry case, and the matte screen protector. Never use it and need to buy a midi synth. Send me PAYMENT direct. No outside sellers. Ebay takes a chunk! I am offering it here to someone that wants a unique GPD Win 1. Worried about me being legit? Contact me here to confirm its me. My feedback rating should prove I am legit. I want payment to be in the form of VISA email gift card. I need to have the money on my person so I can buy some gear in person. Paypal wont allow for me to do that.


Hardly used need to sell quick, no issues not time to waste need this gone. Comes with a matte screen protector and offical GPD carry case + USB C cable. Unit has the older LCD panel with better gamut and color reproduction as opposed to the later z8750 models. Ask for pics and I will send them. This was a rare model that was not released. I spoke with someone at Aliexpress and they sent me this one when I complained of the Geekbuying model arriving with dead pixels. This model has a super accurate color gamut and the analog rubber sticks are not the same as the later z8700 models. Regardless this unit is great and It performs equal to the z8750 models. I think the color on this is X10 better than the z8750 model I used to own. I kept my rare little z8700 long enough. I hope whoever buys it enjoys it. That Aliexpress store is gone now :(

The GPD sticker never came on this unit and the buttons are not glossy, they also have no letters, same with the special keys. This unit is odd, still that IPS color panel in this revision has always impressed even my friend's with z8750 models.

ALSO, if you are interested in this, I can make a bundle if YOU DARE to buy my Nvidia Shield 2 K1 working prototype. Lineage OS is coming and soon that will be the best K1 type of device ever made...


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