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Pebble has finally reached its ultimate expression of nihilism : the state of deprecation and utter nonexistence.
That's right folks, Pebble is ded.

Pebble announced Wednesday on their blog they went bankrupt and Fitbit was buying some of the assets and its personnels.
They also canceled the Pebble Time 2. Only the Pebble 2 was made available on the shelves.

Despite spending some efforts trying to convince developers to make apps for Pebbles,
they failed to gain traction.
This, combined with the lack of local availability outside the US, increasing prices on new pebbles,
as well as decreasing smartwatches sales means that Pebble was condemned to go under sooner or later.

In my opinion, the Pebble Time with its Color E-Ink is probably the finest device Pebble has ever released.
Some cool retro-style games were also released for it and they somehow remind me pico-8 games.
Despite this, it still did not compel me into buying them, especially when they were sold for more than 100$.

What do you think of Pebble guys ?
Do you think they deserved it ? Or do you mourn their death ?
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