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AMD Support
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:43:02 am »
Monstercameron, I'm putting my reply here as It no longer applys to the other thread. I will start with the author of the now famous Enbseries:
31 october 2015
Got report that recent ENBSeries 0.279 may damage videocard if heavy effects enabled. Too high optimization for ambient occlusion easily breaks low quality or overclocked hardware. I don't see any point in degrading optimization or slowing down something, if hardware unable to handle it, burn this shit. Obviously, AMD cards are the weakest for the issue, so i strongly advise to not use ambient occlusion and reflection with any overclocked and/or hot models, especially high-end category like 6990, 7970, 7990, etc. Underclocking and using frame limiters and vsync may help to avoid issues. From this moment i do not support AMD cards at all, for any version of the mod, current or made in future, i am not a big fan of wasting money to fix mistakes of any vendor.
That is just one of his many posts highlighting problems with AMD cards and drivers.

I know direct you to MGE XE:
You will need to take considerable time to read through all the posts on this important mod for Morrowind. AMD driver issues are a long standing complaint.

Stalker Lost Alpha 2014 MD mod of the year:
Simply put, the game runs insanely slow and with graphics corruption on AMD drivers.

Battlefield 2: old game I know, but still popular with its many mods including now famous Forgotten Hope 2. I can't list all the problems that exist with the windows 10 driver support. Do you homework on this one as well.

Word of Tanks:
this is just one fairly recent of many issues that has plagued the game with AMD drivers.

And plenty more. I have no desire to turn this into an AMD vs INTEL vs Nvida brewha. These are my personal experiences using AMD hardware and drivers on the desktop platform. I understand this is not mobile. I only wish to point out, that AMD does have problems.


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