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A320 for sale (Finland)
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:41:50 am »
Hi all

I recently moved to a new apartment so i'm going through my stuff and try to sell/give away anything I don't need.

So I'm looking if there's any interest in buying the original A320. Comes with packaging, manuals and other papers, charger (never used) and the device itself. No SD-card. If i forgot anything just ask.

It's got dingux bootloader installed. Battery seems to work but it's been depleted for a long time since I can't turn it off once it's charged and powered on.

So any interest? I'm not looking for much, this has been one of the greatest communities ever so i just want to pass it on but at the same time I really need some money.

edit: Took some photos:
edit: S/N 4G A320WII9450055
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