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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2010, 08:01:27 pm »
Dingoo A320
Dingoo A330
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Original
Atari 2600
Playstation 1
Amstrad CPC464
2x ZX Spectrum 48K
Atari ST
Atari STfm
Atari STe
Old Apple Mac PowerPC
512Kb Amstrad PC (DOS 3.0)
2 Current Desktop PCs
Multiple unused desktop PCs
Asus EEE 1005HA
Digilent Nexys2 FPGA Development Board
Sony Ericsson K750i


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #16 on: July 05, 2010, 08:20:07 am »
Xbox 360 arcade - 120gb

Xbox 1 - 200 gb XBMC

Dingoo a320+4gb minisd

PSP2002 - D3+d2 switcher ,4gb  mem stick>:( need a bigger one

E8400 + gts250 +2gb ram , GC/wii emulation pretty good and all the rest...

But my pride and joy is a proper Street Fighter II world warrior board,arcade machine!You can freeze with guile and everything

Im thinking about putting a mame box in there.... one day

Dingoo A320 stock 1.2 + Gmenu

PSP slim 2002 Gen 5.50 D3 Prom4


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #17 on: September 23, 2010, 02:18:34 pm »
I have:

PowerBook (Pismo)
PowerPC G4
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore PC10-III
Custom PC
Dingoo A320
IBM PPC 5155
PS2 Slim

I had:

Performa 630 AV
PowerPC 9500
PowerPC G3 MT
PS2 Fat
Atari ST4
Schneider CPC64
Sega Master System

Greetings, Pille


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #18 on: September 23, 2010, 02:27:30 pm »
  • NEC PC Engine (white Japanese version) with IFU-30 Interface Unit & CD-ROM2 Unit
  • Sega Mega Drive II
  • Sega Saturn
  • Super Nintendo
  • N64
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Neo Geo AES Home Console
  • Neo Geo MV-1F Arcade PCB
  • Shadow Warriors (AKA Ninja Gaiden) Arcade PCB
  • PS2 Slimline
  • Xbox
  • Wii
  • Dingoo A320
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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #19 on: September 23, 2010, 02:45:57 pm »
- PS2
- Dingoo A320
- PC

- Gameboy (the first one! :D)

That's it, I am mostly and oldschool or PC player ^^


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #20 on: September 23, 2010, 03:06:32 pm »
NDS light
Dingoo A320
Sega Gopher handheld

sega megadrive
Game Gear
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
PSX (three of them!)
Dead PS2 (two of them! total three!)

Flavio Bello

Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #21 on: October 20, 2010, 05:41:31 pm »
Dingoo A320
Nintendo DS lite blue
Nintendo DS lite red Mario Kart edition (win this on kellogg's)
Xbox 360 Arcade with jasper
Mame cabinet Arcade with a pentium 4 old pc inside.
and a PS2 somewehe in my house... could be in the backyard  :-\


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #22 on: November 07, 2010, 02:06:47 pm »
little bump.. The Mario editidtion DS looks awesome.
I'm looking to expand my collection with a couple chinese PMP's.


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #23 on: November 08, 2010, 02:34:35 am »
Someone bumped, so... :)

Dingoo A320 (White Unpawned)
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360 (2008 Falcon... some day it will give up :( )
iPod Touch 2g (16gb)

Waiting fix:
Dingoo A320 Black Pawned (I bought a replacement LCD screen, but never installed it XD)
Nintendo DS Lite (broken case, but working...)

Somewhere in the wardrobe:
Game Boy Pocket Light (see here in "rare gameboys")
GameCube Platinum
Super NES

Sold :(

PSP 1000
Playstation 2
Nintendo 64
NES Clone
Game Boy Classic
Game Boy Advance
2x Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS Phat Silver

Planning to get:
iControlPad (the iDevices should be considered a new console with this!) :)
Gemei A330 (hopefully two, if someone got the wifi working well in linux)
Some Android device...
And a GBA SP brighter with flashcart to play GBA homebrews...
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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #24 on: November 08, 2010, 08:27:52 pm »
NES (w/PowerPad, PowerGlove, & 2 Game Genies)

Nintendo Game & Watch: Squish (MG-61)

GameBoy (1st gen w/Phillips screws; w/HandyBoy & Game Genie)
GameBoy Color (Atomic Purple)
GameBoy Pocket (Black)
GameBoy Advance SP2 (Onyx Black)

Atari Lynx


DD A320 (White pawed)
DD A320 (Black pawed)
DT A320 (Black)
DT A330 (w/Wireless Controller)


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #25 on: November 08, 2010, 08:54:54 pm »
Hey RodrigoCard... I can't wait for the iControlPad!!! I guess I'm just tired of trying to look at the screen with nothing to coordinate my fingers to.

Trevor Belomont

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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #26 on: August 21, 2012, 08:10:25 am »
I'm a big handheld enthusiast myself.
There's just something so charming about tiny, stand alone, portable gaming devices, that i just can't help but embrace.
This in fact, is becoming an ever growing collection as well as a steady hobby as i refurbish battered and abused systems as well.

Here are the ones i have and cherish:

- Gameboy (several color variations)
- Gameboy Pocket (several color variations)
- Gameboy Color (several color variations)
- Gameboy Advance (several color variations)
- Gameboy Advance SP (several color variations, and flash cards)
- Gameboy Micro (silver, famicom (player 1) u.s. ver., and flash cards)
- DS Lite (red, pink, black, silver, and R4 cards)
- DSi (blue, black, white, and R4 cards)
- NeoGeo Pocket Color (camo blue)
- Dingoo A320 (several, blak, white, b/w color swap and red custom)
- Dingoo Technologies A330
- Gemei A330
- JXD-5000

Other handhelds that i don't have yet are steadily making their way into my collection.
For some time, i have considered constructing my own videogame handheld museum (once thay have all been acquired), similar in style to the Nintendo World store in N.Y. city. (if you haven't seen pics of their displays, you should check them out as soon as you can.)
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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #27 on: August 21, 2012, 03:12:06 pm »
Sears Tele-Games
Fairchild Channel F
Atari 2600
Intellivision II
NES w/Robot & gun
Sega Gamegear
Sega Genesis
Sega Nomad
Sega Genesis CD
Sega Genesis 3
Playstation 1

Commodore Vic-20
Coomodore Amiga 500
Apple IIc w/monitor
Apple Macintosh SE/30
Apple Macintosh Classic
Apple Macintosh LC
Apple Macintosh LC520
Apple Performa 6200CD
Apple Macintosh G3 (Beige)

Sharp PC-7000 luggable PC

GPH GP2x First Edition
Dingoo A320 Black

OQO Model 01+
OQO Model 02 w/SSD

And a ton of more modern/useless PCs.
"The Earth starts to rumble, world powers fall. A 'warring for the heavens, a peaceful man stands tall...." - Mustaine. 1992 Screen Gems/EMI


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #28 on: August 21, 2012, 05:54:01 pm »
Pretty sure I've already done a list on a similar thread but here goes:

Previously owned:

Pong clone
Commodore VIC-20
Sega Master System 2
Commodore Amiga 1200
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket
Sony Playstation
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo GBA
Nintendo DS


Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo GBA SP
Nintendo DS Lite
Sony PSP 2003
Nintendo Gamecube
Sony PSOne
Sony Playstation 2 Slim
Microsoft XBox 360
Nintendo Wii
Dingoo A320
JXD S601

The missus also has a Game Gear which needs a new capacitor for the audio but still works, have to get round to fixing that... She binned her Amstrad CPC a while ago unfortunately.

Other gadgets I currently use are an ancient PSION S5 palmtop (runs nethack!), a HTC One X and an Acer 522 netbook (runs Fallout 3!).

I love the PSION though, they're dirt cheap on eBay now for the Series 3 and 5 (I got mine for about 8) and are perfect little mini computers which run for an age on 2xAA batteries. Use a BASIC like OPL programming language and have the brilliant EPOC OS (precursor to Simbian) which provides a fully functional work environment using a few kb of ram with instant boot. Check 'em out:

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GPD Win, GPD XD 64gb, Pap KIII-Plus, 3DS XL, DSi XL, GBA SP, GBBC Clone, Gameboy Pocket, PSP Go
HP Envy M6
Acer 522
Psion 5 & 5MX


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Re: What systems do you have?
« Reply #29 on: August 22, 2012, 09:50:49 am »
GB Pocket
GB Color
Dingoo a320

PSP 1004 (sold)
NDS (sold)
DMG (it just falled apart)
GBA (used for parts- I killed LCD)

Not consoles but used for emulation:
Palm Tungsten E (GBC, NES and SMS playable)
Palm T|X (sold because of dead touchscreen)
Palm Tungsten T5
iPaq 3970 (GB, NES, PCE, SMS and some Genesis games run full speed)
HTC Magician (same as above)
Archos 101 Gen9 tablet

And 2x Palm Vx, the most awesome PDA ever made (IMO of course), still alive and kicking


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