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Author Topic: Best PSP for emulation mainly  (Read 4239 times)

PippinA320 (OP)

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Best PSP for emulation mainly
« on: April 23, 2012, 02:49:53 am »
Well, i recently bought a dingoo and was very unhappy with its bugginess and improper sd card usage. I was completely unable to get it to recognize my sd card. After a lot of frustration, as one of the uses for my dingoo was to be my new media player for music and video(my mp3 player died), I am starting to think about a psp. MY friend talked me into it because he has one. My question is, If I were to get one, which should I get. Gamestop has all 4 models (1000 - 3000 and GO) refurbished for under $100, as well as the 3000 for $130. My question is, which would be the best for my needs. Are the Go controls sufficient/comfortable, and is it possible to carry the 3000 around with you/in your pocket comfortably? What is the battery life like on the different units, and is the 10 or 20 dollars off worth it in getting the 2000 or 1000. Please, your thougts. Also, am I correct in assuming that gameboy advance(the main system i want to emulate) is emulatable on all the systems thanks to the newly discovered keys?


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