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Author Topic: Authorized Nintendo reseller status  (Read 3535 times)

xdplus fanatic-oopsy (OP)

  • * AKA Dreamesper
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Authorized Nintendo reseller status
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:15:43 am »
Just wanted to let everyone here know that I placed an application with Nintendo officially regarding the possibility of becoming an authorized reseller of their products.

I imagine that I will get a response to this inquiry within a few weeks' time so for anyone interested in the holiday rush, keep an eye out for this thread or website over at dreamesper.com

If I manage to score the account with Nintendo, I will begin taking orders on all things N such as amiibo, switch, New Nintendo handhelds, etc.

Hopefully they agree to do business with me... here's keeping my fingers crossed!



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