Author Topic: HELP:update on my JXD 7800b problem, VIDEO ADDED TO SHOW PROBLEM!!!  (Read 492 times)

firestonex (OP)

My android games are still not working right, but I went into developer settings and turned on the option to see finger presses, so when I press the screen, it will show a dot where I am pressing and moving.

well when I go into my android games, there is a continious dot moving in a diagonal down direction moving from right to left.

So it it acting as if I am continously moving my finger down and left. The funny thing is that the press is always in the same spot, and when it gets to the bottom it starts back in the exact same spot.

When I leave ANDROID GAMES it goes away and is not doing it on the home screen or in emulators like my nes or gameboy emulators.

It only does it in android games such as Hill climb racer, my little pony gameloft, and Robot Unicorn Attack 2. Emulator apps I have seem to work fine, as well as browsing apps like firefox.

can someone please shed some light on what could be doing this?


Again, This did not used to happen. Everything used to work fine.
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