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greetings fellow humans

so i am fortunate enough to have been looking at a handheld for some late night in bed retro gaming and settled on the S7800B ..most places sold out so contacted JXD directly who advised me they had minimal stock left and unsure if it would enter production again so bit the bullet and lashed out ...also got the charger from amazon as i like to do my reading and went to find some firmwares etc (very limited anywhere out there anymore but meh i should be more intelligent and do it myself)

it arrived pretty quick but box it came it was seemingly used marks and stuff all on inside of box but maybe just recycled from another box or something ...seems like screen protector has been pulled and replaced as just didnt look right at all ...seems like might be refurbished unit to me personally ...but will see how it plays ....charge it up and gets stuck on load screen every single time at varying stages ...try everything for days ...dont want to try hacked firmware incase it does need to go back for replace or refund .....finally after 15th attempt was able to get it to load device drivers in windows (7 X64) and it can see the unit as portable device the tool to update firmware at suggestion of support (after 30 emails over course of a week that was just insane ...really not sure if they were doing their best and breaking down in translation or i just fail at communication in any form in any language...or whether they were just screwing with my mind) so i updated and it worked and then it wont boot at all still stuck on load screen and now it wont even show in windows again so i cant even try to get another firmware onto it  ....soooooooo

any suggestions or advice VERY welcome ...just before i decide to send it back and the collective scream is no you will never see your money or unit again ...which i doubt but still worth getting some opinions before i fork out even more cashola for return postage etc etc etc ...or am i better trying to get PC shop to give it a shot first ? ...also hate to ask as possibly done with JXD as a company but is the 192 any good and would a charger for the 7800 be usable for the 192 ? or another one underneath the 7800 ....just prefer 7inch screen ....but it all seems way too hard currently i just wanted to finish link to the past any help advice suggestions opinions and yeah be aware JXD might be selling refurbished units as new if thats all they have left
thanks in advance and hope todays a great one for you :) 


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You have three good alternatives if you want a affordable, good-quality, absolutely awesome android handheld:

- a black GPD XD
- a blue GPD XD
- or a red GPD XD

I don't have a s192, but everything I hear screams it's trash, it's also as expensive as a GPD WIN (which can run pc games...) and doesn't have the nvidia chip anymore in the new units if they are even still made...

When the S192 came out someone got one and found it had two batteries, both were already a year old... other units didn't turn on, broke after two days, etc... it was a disaster.

Get a GPD instead. Seriously.


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