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Author Topic: READ FIRST: Rules for JXD-section  (Read 16517 times)

xdpirate (OP)

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READ FIRST: Rules for JXD-section
« on: April 08, 2013, 11:56:01 am »
This section is constantly being flooded with new topics, and that's alright, but we need some ground rules.

  • Global Rules always apply. Read and understand them!
  • Keep posts on topic.
  • Search before you create a new topic to see if your question is already answered in an older thread.
  • Similarly, keep discussion of e.g. a custom firmware to its thread.
  • Tag your topic's title with the device you are creating a topic on. This isn't required, but may help you get help quicker (e.g. "[S7300]" or "[S602]")
  • If you have created something that may help the community, please tag your topic title accordingly, such as "[Custom Firmware]", "[App]", "[Theme]", "[Script]" etc. Not required, but again, very, very helpful to potential readers.
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