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Author Topic: JXD s7800b... Yuppp  (Read 4512 times)

Simaxpep99 (OP)

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JXD s7800b... Yuppp
« on: October 14, 2018, 02:11:48 am »
I know it's old. It's ancient. But PLEASE bare with me  :)

So recently I've dug up my old JXD s7800b from the graveyard and I want to see if I can fix this once BEAST of a machine...

Mine broke a over a year ago and I remember feeling terrible at the time. But told myself I'd buy the JXD s192, but after checking it out on youtube I think it sucks... Now seeing my old JXD s7800b again, I realise, how much I've missed this console and I haven't played any retro games on the fly in yonkers! So I want to fix this mighty machine and bring it back to life in all its greatness!

From what I remember, the device fell on its side one morning and the power button shattered. From then on, I remember a two week period where I wouldn't let it run dead out of battery incase I couldn't turn it on again. When it did finally go dead, I could still awkwardly turn it on with a match stick but even that didn't work after awhile. The screen would just autoloop on the boot screen, Gamepad 4.4 screen, infinite boot loop, and go dead again and again.

As of today, anytime I try to turn it on the screen lights up but is still black and is barely noticeably and I am unsure if it is still lighting after a minute (but probably is). I know it doesn't show up on my PC anywhere and it never did. It always needed complicated drivers that aren't found on most PCs and wouldn't download them automatically if you plugged it in with USB cable. It's like it's on life support...

Is there anyway to fix it??? Anyway to boot it into safe mode? Can I flash its internal memory from here?

Any suggestions or any questions feel free to ask me

Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this, what parts I'll need, links to old threads or other websites, configs, late responses, please... I know it's so so so old, but any help would be awesome!

Thanks in advance


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Re: JXD s7800b... Yuppp
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2021, 04:51:45 pm »
I read somewhere here today that if you plug it in for 5 seconds then unplug it, it will boot.


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Re: JXD s7800b... Yuppp
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2021, 04:40:58 pm »
Maybe you broke the power switch solder. Many moons ago I posted the switch as my niece in law dropped mine on gold pebble concrete after I shared with her kids for a week and they never dropped it once. If I remember right the plug thing works as above.

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