Author Topic: JXD s7800b nand flash/ sd memory switch  (Read 447 times)

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JXD s7800b nand flash/ sd memory switch
« on: February 12, 2017, 11:19:19 pm »
My JXD s7800b is messing up (see other threads) and no one has been able to provide me with a solution.

I am considering restoring the system to factory defaults, but I remember that I had to do some trickery to my device when I first got it. for example, My 128gb sd card (which I had to format to fat32 to get working properly) is actually being used under the NAND flash settings under storage. I forgot why exactly I did it, but it had something to do large game files not installing properly due to lack of space.

While under the sd card it shows only a total of 10.04gb
Nand flash total 104gb (with the 128gb card in)
Internal space is 2.95gb.

though I can't remember how I made my sd card into internal memory.

Can anyone help. If I have to format the device to get it to work again, I will need to know how I did this.