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Title: JXD S5110B... my still alive... but low internal memory.
Post by: jcsbr on November 19, 2019, 09:58:14 pm
Hello people,
These days ago I decided to get my jxd s5110b for use, and to my surprise, after so long stopped, it's working :o :o, and still with the last skelton rom.
Well, to my disappointment, I could barely make the updates, because it accused of lack of space, I looked at the storage option saw 2 internal memories, one of 812mb, so always say lack of space, and another of 4gb. Even using the memory swap patch, it didn't solve anything, as the 812mb memory was still main.
I want to know how I can increase or modify this value of 812mb by a larger value. I want to install retroarch and I can't even do that.
Someone to guide me.