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JDX7800B issue
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:08:20 pm »
Havent used this in a while and went to use it yesterday. Had it plugged in to power up for a while. It wont power on now. When the charger is plug ed it will power up but when removed the unit goes off. I can get into it with the charger plugged in. tried resetting and the usual stuff, still the same. Any ideas?

dc240969 (OP)

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Re: JDX7800B issue
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Seems like the battery is dead.


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Open it up and check the battery connections.  Or just go ahead and replace the battery.

My battery reacted whilst it was sitting in a drawer and expanded splitting the device in two.  I opened it and found that the device will still perfectly OK once I had removed the battery.

At this stage the unit would work with power attached and even say it was charging (with no battery fitted) butwould immediately die when the power was removed; just like yours.

I bought a replacement battery from one of the threads on this forum.  Cost about 12 GBP and came within a couple of weeks.

Easy to fit, and it's now back to it's former glory.